Geek to Geek Chic – Scott Pilgrim The Game VS Us PART 2

16 Apr

The boyfriend and I decided to have a small break from the Scott Pilgrim game after our last attempt but, as always, we were drawn back to it last night by my request to give beating Gideon another go. This time I decided to try a different tactic by playing Ramona with pink hair instead of my usual choice of green or blue. I thought this change in colour may give us a bit more luck but, unsurprisingly, I was completely wrong.

10.25pm – The both of us have decided that there is no way that we are going to beat Gideon with just three lives. After all, most people who have posted videos on YouTube seem to have eight. Eight?! Where do you get that many lives?! So, the plan is to play through the game from the start to collect as much money as we can, pay off Scott’s rental fees at the video store (…again) and buy extra lives for $4.95. Then we can go kick Gideon’s ass.

10.29pm – My boyfriend has picked up a tyre and has started hitting everyone with it, including me. I instantly think of the film Rubber and wish that Robert the tyre were playing alongside us. If only we could beat Gideon by telekinectically exploding him… I can dream.

10.35pm – We’ve just beat Matthew Patel and, in my opinion, it took us longer to do it this time than the first time! My man disagrees. Neither of us have gained much money and I’ve lost a life. We are no better off than before.

10.43pm – My man is now back online trying to look for a cheat to get more lives. Why is gaining lives in this game so bloody hard?! We both agree that the cheat to turn all of your money into animals is to be avoided at all costs. The cheat for Ramona’s bottomless bag sounds pretty cool, only it would be far cooler if you could pull another life out of the bag. That does not appear to be an option.

10.45pm – The Inception soundtrack comes on my stereo. Not even Hans Zimmer’s rousing orchestration of inspiration makes us feel any better about this game…

10.49pm – New plan. If we start Level 5 and go behind us, there is a door to a secret subspace highway which apparently gives you lots of money. If we do this a few times and exit back to the map once we leave, we can get a load of money without getting hit by Kyle and Ken’s robots and party-goers!

10.54pm – Great tactic but it will take forever, there isn’t as much money in the subspace highway as some gaming websites would have you believe…

11.03pm – Best internet response of the night: ‘I just dunno’ (Someone’s response on a gaming website to ‘How to get more lives on the Scott Pilgrim game’). Helpful.

11.07pm – Aside from the video store, you can get an extra life by beating Todd Ingram. So its back to Level 3 to beat The Clash At Demonhead…

11.10pm – Kick the butts of TCAD girls easily and run away from Todd while he gets all wall-bashing without getting hit. The Guitar Hero bit starts and Todd crashes. Seriously. Does this game have a vendetta against my boyfriend and I…?

11.13pm – New tactic – my boyfriend is playing alone from the beginning using the Power of Love Sword. He even manages to get an achievement, Armed and Dangerous. ‘Everything’s always better when I don’t play’ I sarcastically said, which was met with a very honest ‘Well, it’s easier, yeah’. I can’t win.

11.16pm – Power of Love Sword is gone and my boyfriend hasn’t gained much money at all. ‘I think we’ll just delete this game, its pissing me off. We need more lives and we’re not getting any.’ I suggest, in time, it might all work out. ‘I don’t want to be playing Scott Pilgrim in 2012, trying to beat Gideon, still on 3 lives because its fucking impossible!!!’. The Xbox is turned off.

Think I’ll go back to blue hair, pink hair is clearly not a good tactic. And after all that fussing around, we didn’t even touch Gideon once! Another time, perhaps…

3 Responses to “Geek to Geek Chic – Scott Pilgrim The Game VS Us PART 2”

  1. Knick May 1, 2011 at 5:36 pm #

    okay soo to get extra lives in that game, there’s a hidden shop in the first level near the end of the level and gideon was a pain the first time, my suggestion go back and buy a bunch of power ups before you get to him, buy power and speed upgrades and you should be good

    • lydiarghgrace May 4, 2011 at 7:58 pm #

      Thanks for the heads up! Be sure to stay tuned on here and see how we do with your advice…

      • Noah September 11, 2011 at 4:38 am #

        Your best bet is to activate the secret boss rush mode with a code, then run through that a few times for approx. 100$ a run-through (if you beat it). It’s a bit difficult but after a little practice you’ll be earning in no time.

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