About Sex, But Not – ‘Death Proof’ (2007)

11 Aug

ON THE SURFACE – A film about a man who kills women by using his car.

SCRAPING THE BARREL – A film about a man suffering from performance anxiety. Just like the slasher film employed phallic objects to represent the penis, director Tarantino uses lead character Stuntman Mike’s car to represent his sexual drive. Stuntman Mike can’t get it up and can’t give it out. Need proof? The scene where he goes to sneeze in front of the girls but it just doesn’t happen. I don’t think I have ever seen a more obvious metaphor for a man failing to ejaculate at the moment he most needs to. It’s not that Mike doesn’t get aroused, check him (and the rest of your audience) getting hot watching the lap dance that Butterfly gives him. It’s the closet thing he gets to physical foreplay with another person. But give him his car, an extension of his penis, and watch him dish it out real good. The first car crash at the start of the film is effectively his orgasm and ejaculation (watch those cars blow up!). However, in the second part of the film watch his performance get taunted by the second group of girls he chases and his lack of confidence take over. Is there anything more demeaning for him that being hit with an iron rod bigger than his own cock by a woman? He is an example of a man who can’t handle an overt female sexuality and he gets shot down, literally, for it. As Earl McGraw says, ‘It’s a sex thing’.

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