London’s Burning – Why You Need To Show Your Love For Film

16 Aug

As a born and bred Londoner, I am absolutely gutted and disgusted by the recent rioting and looting that has spread across the capital in the past two weeks. It truly is heartbreaking to see that City that you love so much get so much disrespect for no reason and those people who make the City what it is get hurt unnecessarily. Even sadder, as a film fan, is seeing the businesses you cherish get affected.

Last week the Sony/PIAS warehouse in Enfield was set on fire, the largest independent home entertainment distributer in the UK. Lots of DVD stock from great labels such as BFI, Arrow Film, Artificial Eye and Shameless has been partially or completely destroyed. Good friend Cigarette Burns has written a fantastic blog detailing the incident, raising some interesting and worthwhile points whilst including updates from some of the companies involved.

As a film fan I feel it really is imperative that we support those companies that have been hit by this horrible act. A lot of them are dedicated to churning out beautifully remastered DVDs of films that are cult classics and fan favourites, full of fantastic extras and gorgeous packaging. I know a lot of people are struggling financially at the moment, but now would be the perfect time to go out to stores and buy those titles you’ve been lusting after. Some of these labels have lost all their stock, what you see in the shops is literally all that’s left. Another fantastic way to show your support would be attending the Scala Forever Film Season, where labels Second Run, Shameless and Arrow Film have screenings. If you love film then please show these guys your support, its us that keeps them going.

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