About Sex, But Not – ‘ThunderCats’ (1985-1990)

7 Sep

ON THE SURFACE – An animated television series in which a group of cat-like humanoid aliens have adventures on the planet Third Earth.

SCRAPING THE BARREL – An animated television series in which a group of cat-like humanoid aliens represent different aspects of sexuality. Created as a children’s television show which always ended on a moral lesson being learnt, ThunderCats also provides a long-running subconscious teaching of sex, sexuality and sexual relationships. Need proof? Go back and watch your DVD box sets. Lion-O and his character stand for adolescent sexuality; all he wants to do is lose his virginity (pass his Anointment and become Lord of the ThunderCats). Desperately trying to get attention by getting into all sorts of scrapes and wanting to act and become older than he is, Lion-O just wants to join the big boy club. Having woken from his suspended animation in an adult body (gone through puberty), Lion-O now has to let his younger mind catch up (understand those sexual urges). Like many men struggling with their new-found manhood, Lion-O is a little preoccupied with his penis, frequently getting erections and ejaculating (Sword of Omens, ‘Thunder, Thunder, ThunderCats, HO!’). Cheetara and Tygra represent the sexually compatible couple who can’t keep their hands off of each other and are driven by sex. Note how many times they both disappear together… Who could also forget the episode in which Cheetara has her first ‘vision’? Go back and watch how she enlightens the rest of the group to the female orgasm in that scene. WilyKit and WilyKat are the two prepubescent members of the group enjoying their friendship before their hormones kick in, because we all know that when they do its going to get a little complicated… Lastly, Panthro represents homosexuality amongst the ThunderCats. Created in the mid 1980s when paranoia about AIDS was at its highest, note how, sadly, Panthro is left on his own most of the time. Wearing his bondage gear…

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