Scala Forever’s ‘I Could Have Danced All-Nighter’

17 Oct

Jazz hands? Check. Punk rock t-shirts? Check. Fishnets and make up? Check. The campest dance moves known to man? Check. All of this could only mean the I Could of Danced All-Nighter, co-hosted by film club Midnight Movies and soundtrack club night Reel Music and held as the penultimate night of the Scala Forever film season.

The Scala cinema in its day was famous for holding its all-nighters and it’s fair to say that the three all-nighters put on during this tribute season to the Scala have been a success. Whilst the other two, the zombie and American monster movie, were fantastically billed and had brilliant atmospheres, there was something different about this one. There was lots of singing, lots of participation, lots of dancing and a tonne of energy. Forget the tea and coffee that was waiting for those who needed a caffeine hit. As the line in Russ Meyer’s Beyond the Valley of the Dolls goes, ‘In a scene like this you get a contact high!

The night kicked off with Alan Parker’s Bugsy Malone which was received lovingly by the crowd. After all, who doesn’t like tugging on to their own fake braces whilst singing Bad Guys?! Add to the mix people dressed up as flapper girls, some messy antics with shaving foam and confetti explosions for the finale of the feature and Bugsy Malone was a big hit. What’s great with the film is seeing how many people remember the words to the songs and the moves to the dance routines, and it looked like no-one’s childhood memories let them down!

Next up was the Ramones movie Rock n Roll High School which had undoubtedly the best soundtrack of the night. With a special introduction from lead star PJ Soles herself (in costume!), the film had everyone jumping and rocking along to the Ramones back catalogue and chanting loudly ‘Gabba Gabba Hey!’ and ‘Hey Ho, Let’s Go!’. Whilst most girls followed Soles suit in the film and professed how much they loved Joey Ramone, by the end of the night I was secretly hoping to end up in the shower with Dee Dee or Johnny… And if you don’t get that reference, then make your sorry arse watch the film!

After a great ninety minutes of the best music ever (it’s the fucking Ramones, deal with it), we had a complete game changer. We were shown the first ever winner of the Worst Picture Razzie award. That’s right, it was the Village People inspired Can’t Stop The Music which was absolutely awful. The best thing about it? By this point in the night, most of the crowd were drunk which made for a had-to-have-been-there crowd commentary full of innuendo and one-liners. A mass and incredibly energetic YMCA dance by the entire audience at the end of the film rounded off the first and only time many people in the room will ever see it.

A quick costume change and a few departures left the last of the stragglers to watch the final picture, The Rocky Horror Picture Show. With another surprise introduction, this time from the man himself Richard O’Brien, there no was diminishing the energy that the group still had even though it was early hours! Cue a ridiculous amount of audience participation and singing, fishnets and a lot of smeared lipstick, Rocky Horror was a good, if not a little too obvious, of an ending for the Scala Forever season.

One Response to “Scala Forever’s ‘I Could Have Danced All-Nighter’”

  1. Michael Commane October 18, 2011 at 5:46 pm #

    and very good it was too… wish we could have made this – it looked like a lot of effort went in from the Reel Music/Midnight Movie bunch!

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