About Sex, But Not – ‘Beauty and the Beast’ (1991)

1 Nov

ON THE SURFACE – A beautiful girl from a small village falls in love with a Beast, eventually lifting a curse placed on him and restoring him back to his human form.

SCRAPING THE BARREL – A beautiful girl from a small village falls in love with a man who’s an animal in bed. I know what you’re thinking. You were thinking that I was going to take the bestiality route. Well, you’re wrong. Beauty and the Beast is all about a lonely girl who wants to be shown a good time and it doesn’t look like she’s going to get one in that French village where she lives… She rejects the advances of fellow villager Gaston because he offers her nothing new, merely the promise of staying in the village she seems so desperate to escape from. The Beast on the other hand, offers her the prospect of an exciting sex life, his male animalistic virility something that Gaston cannot give her. In short, Belle is a ‘good girl’ that wants to be ‘punished’ in bed for being a ‘bad girl’. Need examples? All those arguments that Belle and the Beast have are full of sexual tension. See him gulp as he puts his arm around her waist when they have their first dance. He doesn’t want to dance, he wants to rip off that dress and take her there and then! She wants to tame and teach him during the day so that he can return the favour at night. And let’s be honest here, who hasn’t played that game in the bedroom… Even at the end of the film, when Belle breaks the curse and restores the Beast to his human form, its obvious that their sex life is going to remain the same, if not get better. And good for them! Even I will admit to taking a leaf out of Belle’s book; ‘Bite me’ and ‘Harder’ are my two favourite sentences…

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