Every Thug Needs A Lady – Don Chaffey’s ‘Sex Clinic’ aka ‘Clinic Xclusive’ (1972)

18 Jan

Sex Clinic is one of those films that had a few titles. Originally released in 1972 under the name Clinic Xclusive, and with a working title of With These Hands which is far more fitting, the film was re-released in 1975 as Sex Clinic to double bill alongside US sexploitation flick Naughty Nurses aka Tender Loving Care. So me being me, I expected a little more from a film that implied some pretty raunchy going-ons, and like most people, was a little disappointed to find that actually the film wasn’t as sex heavy as I’d hoped…

Julie Mason runs a health farm-come-sex clinic that looks suspiciously more like a brothel than anything else. After having sex with her clients, of which there appear to be many, she embezzles them, tricking them into coughing up large amounts of cash by using various excuses. One of Julie’s clients is in prison after being blackmailed by her; ‘cash at all cost!’. Her lesbian client Mrs Farson won’t stop hassling her for more treatments even though she can’t afford them. Her PA Ann is becoming suspicious. Then there’s lovesick sap Roger who wants to marry Julie, except she’s not interested. Probably because she’s a con artist. And a prostitute.

Enter Lee Maitland, who sweeps Julie right off her feet. They fall in love and get engaged but there’s a problem. He’s just been involved in a dodgy deal and needs £50,000 cash to set everything right. She decides love is love and sells the clinic to raise the funds he needs. You can see where the plot is heading right…?

Sex Clinic isn’t by all means a bad film, but it’s pacing does plod rather slowly at times which makes it a bit of a bore to watch. Georgina Ward is gorgeous enough as Julie, channeling a budget-price Erica Gavin look throughout the film. She’s fairly convincing in her role, generating what seems like a little bit of chemistry between her character and that of Lee, played by French actor Alexander Davion. The plot is rather predictable, and the outcome incredibly obvious, but it does have a slight twist at the end which some viewers might not have seen coming. Topped off with a great sex scene on top of a pin-ball machine and a beautiful opening of kaleidoscopic, morphing female bodies with some serious Argento/Suspiria lighting and you got a Brit flick that could possibly garner a two and a half stars out of five. At a push.

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