About Sex, But Not – ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy’s Revenge’ (1985)

11 Feb

ON THE SURFACE – Jesse moves to Elm Street and begins to question his sanity when serial killer Freddy Krueger starts haunting his dreams.

SCRAPING THE BARREL – Jesse moves to Elm Street and begins to question his sexuality when men, especially Freddy Krueger, start haunting his dreams. Now this is another one that no-one can question me on, it’s so obvious and legendary that it’s written into pop-culture history and film lore. Where A Nightmare on Elm Street is about teenage anxieties over starting sexual relationships and losing your virginity, Freddy’s Revenge is all about one boy’s struggle to come to terms with his own sexuality. Jesse’s repressed homosexuality is written all over his subconscious, just check out his dream at the start of the film where he’s in a school bus with girls  and he’s banging on the windows to get out. Oh, and the phallic imagery of his daydream where the snake wraps itself around him almost choking him… Then there’s his gym teacher who seems to have the eye for him, bumping into him in an S&M bar which results in Jesse sadistically tying him up and killing him. Or is it Freddy using Jesse to eliminate potential competition so they can be alone? Lets not forget the pivotal moment in the film, Jesse’s aborted make out session with his girlfriend Lisa which see’s him fleeing to his best friend and crush Ron in the middle of the night for an impromptu sleepover. Spare a thought for poor Freddy at the end of the film. Despite all his stalking and killing for Jesse, it turns out he’s not even Jesse’s type.

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