About Sex, But Not – ‘Bye Bye Butterfree’ Pokemon episode 21 (1997)

3 Mar

ON THE SURFACE – Teenage Pokemon trainer Ash Ketchum learns a hard lesson in goodbye by setting free his Pokemon Butterfree so it can mate with its own kind.

SCRAPING THE BARREL – Teenager Ash Ketchum learns a lesson in saying goodbye to the girl that doesn’t love you anymore and fancies someone that’s just better than you. That’s right, children’s programme Pokemon is much like Thundercats in its subliminal messaging that helps to teach children about future experiences they will have and this episode of the popular Japanese show is no different. In it Ash has to learn a tough lesson that will resonate with many of us, the moment you realise the person you’re with doesn’t love you anymore and has met someone who is (as much as you don’t want to admit it) a million times better than yourself. It’s one of the situations that you ummm and ahhhh over for a long time. Sure you can make the relationship work and why not, you’ve nurtured it from the very beginning (Ash wanting to keep his Butterfree with the rest of his Pokemon after catching it as a Caterpie and watching it evolve). But sometimes, you’ve just got to face the truth and admit defeat. The person you’re with has fallen for someone who rates AWESOME! compared to your rating of OK and they want to fuck the brains out of this new crush (Butterfree finding another Butterfree it likes and wanting to mate). Now, trust me Ash. I know it’s a hard situation to deal with but I was that Butterfree last year and I can tell you honestly and from the heart that your Butterfree is having SO much more fun now its no longer tied down to your teenage hormonal self. Sometimes a woman needs a man, not a boy. Get over it.

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