About Sex, But Not – ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 4: The Dream Master’ (1988)

20 Jun

ON THE SURFACE – The last of the Elm Street children, recently released from Westin Hills Asylum, and their new friends are terrorised again by killer Freddy Krueger.

SCRAPING THE BARREL – The last of the Elm Street children, recently released from their torment of puberty, and their new friends are terrorised by the stigma that comes with sexual innocence versus sexual experience. We’ve all been there and have no doubt gossiped about it ourselves in high school (or even now, some things never really do change). Reputations can be dangerous, especially when you’re known for being an absolute slut or a total fridge magnet, and The Dream Master is no different. And so poor Kristen, Joey and Kincaid learn that their vast sexual experience at such a young age (their association and past with Freddy Krueger) is nothing but social suicide amongst their peers (quite literally, they all die). It doesn’t matter whether you’re the nicest person in the world, if you’re top slut (Kristen), sleep around (Joey) or generally brag about your conquests (Kincaid), that’s all people are going to remember you for. Once a village bicycle, always a village bicycle. Similarly, and in a cruel twist of horrible youth culture fate, if you’re a sexual innocent, people are just as likely to be bloody mean. Example, the very sweet book-worm Sheila who gets sucked to death in an ironic first kiss (with a man of experience lets remember…). And then there’s guilty by association. You might love them, they might love you, you may very well have been together for a while, but if your partner is known for being whore then you’re going to be known as the one dating the whore. Unfortunately Rick, Kristen’s boyfriend, becomes tarnished by his girlfriends rep and never quite recovers from it (he dies too!). The lesson to be learnt is in finding the happy medium, the one of the experienced ‘virgin’, knowledgeable but minus the sluttiness, which secondary lead Alice manages to embody. Nobody tends to bat an eyelid at you when you’re just a boring so and so, but once you have your sexual awakening and find your inner kink (the taking down of all those photographs that cover her mirror and discovering the phallicesque nunchaku) people begin to take a little interest (hello there Dan!). Teenagers listen! It’s okay to be naughty, just don’t let your reputation precede you!

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