About Sex, But Not – ‘Prey’ (1978)

26 Jun

ON THE SURFACE – A relationship between two people comes under threat from a hungry alien from outer space.

SCRAPING THE BARREL – A relationship between two women comes under threat from a women-hungry man. Now, don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore Brit director Norman J Warren’s horror films as much as his early sexploitationers but this one has lesbian paranoia written all over it. Low budget flick Prey is all about a lesbian couple who struggle to deal with a man coming into their mix. Jessica (Glory Annen) and Josephine (Sally Faulkner) live in isolation, away from anyone (or rather any man…) who might take the former away from the latter. Enter Anders Anderson, an alien that also happens to be a bloke. A solitary male in a sole female environment… It’s clear what’s going to happen, that chick be wanting some dick! And boy do tensions explode in a good way. Wide eyed feminine type Jessica developes the hots for Anders, wanting to know everything about him and become his friend, even letting him stay as a guest in her house. Green eyed masculine type Josephine developes nothing but pure rage for the man that’s stepping on her turf (‘What we have is real… We must never lose it!’). She is determined to keep Jessica to herself and will do anything to fend off her competition, even welding all manner of phallic objects (shotgun, switch blade) in Anders direction to get her point across. Check out the tension between the two masculine types during the dinner party. After a tender dance between Jessica and Josephine, the latter then dances with and tries to kiss Anders in the most wooden and awkward fashion ever seen. These ‘two guys’ don’t want each other, they both want the girl. Turns out Anders isn’t the only guy that has come between our two ladies before (‘You always told me terrible things about Simon you couldn’t prove’) and good ol’ Butch Josephine has scared off other men that Jessica has taken a fancy to in the past. But here’s Josephine’s downfall, psychotic girlfriends never last and sure enough Jessica wants to stop exploring the Bush and roam free to hunt man in the wild. Cue Jessica packing her bags to leave and having passionate, carnal sex with Anders (who makes her orgasm far stronger than Josephine if her moans are anything to go by…) who takes carnality to a whole new level by then ripping her throat out and eating it. Same sex heartbreak for Josephine, conquest for Anders. Because, you know, sometimes fresh meat just tastes that little bit better.

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