About Sex, But Not – ‘Shaun Of The Dead’ (2004)

30 Jul

ON THE SURFACE – Shaun must face up to his masculinity and restore his relationship with his girlfriend whilst dealing with the reanimated undead.

SCRAPING THE BARREL – Shaun must face up to his masculinity and realise that going down on his girlfriend Liz will not make him less of a man. Shaun of the Dead is about zombies? Oh no. Shaun of the Dead is about a guy who, after three years, will still not give his girlfriend oral sex for fear of losing his masculinity incase she prefers it to his penis. Yep, those aren’t hordes of zombies roaming the streets, it’s the male population that Shaun feels has become emasculated and is scared of becoming a part of. That strange virus that attacks people one by one, turning them into the undead is none other than a metaphor for those becoming sexually enlightened and active. Quite literally being bitten by the oral sex bug. No wonder his girlfriend gets fed up, there’s only so many blowjobs one can dish out before expecting, and wanting, something sweet in return (‘I want you to want to do it too’). I couldn’t last with that deal for three years and neither could Shaun’s ex who marvels at the fact that him and Liz are still together (‘Glad somebody made it.’). Especially with that stupid phobia of getting menstrual blood on his face. No Shaun, you haven’t got red on you, that is the worst excuse in the bloody book. Still, as they say, perseverance pays off and eventually Shaun realises that going down on Liz (going down into the Winchester’s cellar) isn’t a bad thing after all and can lead to a happy ending and relationship enlightenment (taking that little lift back up to the street pavement). If zombies can be sexually happy so can we…

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