Eau D’Bedroom Dancing – Jack Arnold’s ‘Sex Play’ (1974)

2 Aug

Known for directing numerous television series and sci-fi/horror classics such as It Came from Outer Space and Creature from the Black Lagoon, Jack Arnold also took to directing one British sex film in the 1970s, Sex Play aka The Bunny Caper aka Games Girls Play. This cute little Anglo sexploitationer follows a young sex-mad American girl, Bunny O’Hara (Christina Hart of Helter Skelter fame), as she is shipped off to Britain to avoid her causing any potential major political catastrophes. In other words, the girl has been sleeping with everyone and is on her way to Congress and the White House (Arnold uses a sweet montage to depict the military ranks she’s gone through, rank by rank, uniform by uniform, whilst she’s jumping into bed with everyone in the background). A terrible situation for America to be in…

Sent to a strict boarding school just outside of London in an attempt to curb her behaviour (and sex drive), Bunny instead inspires her three fellow roommates into being a little more provocative and naughty (I’d be more inclined to watch basketball if the matches always ended the way they do in this film…). This culminates in a game; each girl has to try to seduce an important celebrity/political aide and the winner is the one that gets her man into bed! With photographic evidence! Simple really.

Or not, as it transpires that the girls are about to stumble across and break up a hugely important political meeting on arms safety. Ensure more laughs, language barriers, ping-pong and political bashing of the East as Bunny tries to explain that she was just trying to make the world of politics a happier place. At eighty-eight minutes, the film is a surprisingly enjoyable romp, paced well enough that it doesn’t drag on too much and lose your interest. Filled with a group of gorgeous young ladies (Drina Pavlovic, Jane Anthony and Jill Damas round out the cast), this is a sexploitation flick worth seeking out.

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