About Sex, But Not – ‘Finding Nemo’ (2003)

2 Sep

ON THE SURFACE – A father goes on a mission to find his missing son.

SCRAPING THE BARREL – A father goes on a mission to find the gay son he pushed away. Yep, Disney and Pixar have done it again, producing a film that has a strong underlying sexual storyline. And this time, it’s all about a father who is trying to win back the gay son he ignorantly pushed away. Marlin’s worst fears come true when his son Nemo comes out of the closet (male anxiety of being a lone single father, raising his son with no female parenting partner, and providing only male role models). Marlin is so worked up about it, he won’t even let his son go to school for fear of finding a boyfriend (Nemo’s class is as multi-coloured as the rainbow flag that stands as a symbol for LGBT rights). After arguing with Nemo about it and pleading with him to change his mind (trying to persuade him to not go further than the Reef in which they live), Nemo decides to leave and live his life the way he wants to (swims towards the boat, ‘Look at me, I’m gonna go touch the butt.’). Cue one very regretful father who realises he made a mistake and loves his one and only child no matter what his sexual orientation may be. He regrets his behaviour so much so that he even employs a female friend (Dory) to join him on his journey so that her female intuition can help find Nemo sooner (that misconception that being gay makes you as feminine as a woman…). And Nemo also has lessons to learn, namely that your first boyfriend isn’t always for keeps (his planned escape from his captor, the Dentist P. Sherman, who wants to pimp Nemo out to his niece). It takes one wise fish, Gill, to show Nemo that family really does matter, having been in the same situation himself and with the scars to prove it. And so with Gill’s help, Nemo returns home and reconciles with his father, who even allows him to finally go to school. And presumably get a boyfriend…

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