Geek To Geek Chic – #prayforlawler

14 Sep

This Monday Night’s Raw in Montreal took a dramatic turn when commentator and wrestling legend Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler collapsed live on air. On site medics promptly dealt with him, performing CPR amidst rumors that he’d been clinically dead for twenty minutes. Since the show, it’s transpired that Doctors at a local Montreal hospital established that Lawler had had a heart attack, shocking for some viewers to comprehend as he’d only been wrestling in the ring an hour earlier. Family have reported that whilst it was a serious attack, the wrestling legend is now responsive and has luckily suffered no brain damage. The internet, Twitter specifically, has been full of tributes and well wishes since Monday and here’s another, hoping that The King makes a speedy recovery. Now, on another note, some more monthly musings…

Not a massive fan but his new Titantron theme with added catchphrase ‘Feed. Me. More!’ makes him seem ever so slightly less Goldberg-y. One day the guy’s going to have to diet though…

After six months out, the ‘Barret Barrage’ is back (with added facial hair, grrrrrrruff) and ready, so it seems, to take on everyone. With The Miz finally back after an acting gig, it’s great to have some other egos back in the ring again. Welcome back Wade! Remember love, you still owe me one for losing the Royal Rumble!

My ‘wrestling education’ continues and last weekends viewing was Wrestlemania 1991 which included the memorable reunion between Macho Man and his wife Elizabeth. Crowds were cheering! Women were crying! People were so happy! A corny but nice touch of romantic flair and a great example of a wrestler/manager relationship being played out for the crowd.

I really wish the WWE would do more with the DIVAs division and stop staging silly catfights where certain ladies are left out to be used as some form of comedic foil. There are only a few female wrestlers I genuinely believe in, one being Natalya, and I really, really wish that they’d give the girls some proper down and dirty, rough fights and increase the credibility in their abilities and skills. Sometimes its hard to not look at them as nothing more than eye candy in foil wrappers.

A wrestler who used to really get on my nerves, the Ultimate Warrior is one that I’m really starting to respect the more I watch his matches. His speed, agility and energy were non-stop and his Wrestlemania match against Randy Savage was absolutely brilliant! As are and were his legendary partly non-sensical promo ramblings!

I absolutely love the ‘anger management’ issues between the egos of these two and their connection to Raw General Manager AJ. The group therapy sessions were hilarious to watch, we WWE really milking their characters and audiences’ perceived attitudes towards them (the kid with the goat mask was a particularly nice touch). The ‘hug it out’ match was a lot of fun with apprehensive friendly hugs turning into playful chest bumps and finally a full-blown rivalry erupting again at the end. Combined with the new ‘NO! NO! NO!’ chant, it’s refreshed the feud between these two somewhat.

A superficial and fangirl moan but a moan none the less WWE. When the fuck are you going to make a girls skinny fit Cody tee huh?! HUH?! I’M READY TO GIVE YOU MY MONEY GODAMMIT!!

So Monday Night’s Raw was the first time that Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart returned to Montreal in fifteen years and boy did he deserve the welcome he got or what?! Clearly emotional at being back in the city that held the showdown of his career and ended his relationship back in the 90s with the WWE, it was great to see Hart going against CM Punk and siding with John Cena, especially the moment at the end of the show when he clouted Punk right in the face. Just goes to show,  the best there is, best there was, best there ever will be.

I’ve never been a fan of Michael Cole, finding him egotistical and arrogant, but the way he dealt with Jerry Lawler’s collapse on Monday night was stellar. You would never have guessed from his commentary that his colleague next to him had collapsed and aside from a few emotional moments, and quite rightly so as Lawler is more than just a co-worker, Cole’s entire composure remained calm. It couldn’t have been easy for him and the guy gets my respect.

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