About Sex, But Not – ‘Revenge Of The Creature’ (1955)

19 Sep

ON THE SURFACE – The Creature from the Black Lagoon learns a hard lesson in humanity when he gets transported to a marine park where biologists can study him for research.

SCRAPING THE BARREL – The Creature from the Black Lagoon learns a hard lesson in falling in love with a girl who’s only interested in bad boys. We’ve all been there, it’s a universal relationship problem. I bet every person who reads this has either been the person that has crushed on the person they shouldn’t have or has crushed on someone who is crushing on the person they shouldn’t be. Human attraction is a strange thing and sometimes it can be a bit cruel. Take poor Creature, having spent years struggling with puberty he now has to face struggling rejection in one of the harshest forms. He could be the perfect man for Helen Dobson, they have the same interests, likes and dislikes but instead she’s only interested in bad boys Clete and Joe who are intent on taming the Creature into a life of captivity. They can see that Gill-Man has the hots for her and are intent to bad mouth him so they can keep her all to themselves (look at the savage way he eats that fish! Look at him trying to attack innocent people!). Deep down, the men can see that the Creature is the best man for Helen too but hope that if they keep taunting him (shocking him with the training prod) he’ll eventually give up and leave them to have their wicked ways with her. And sadly Helen, like most girls in this situation (hey I’ve been there, I know), is also acutely aware that the ugly creepy guy that stares at her all the time and makes her feels strangely wanted and beautiful is really the guy that she should be paying more attention to. How many guys do you know that would steal you from a dance you’re not enjoying and take you to a lake where you know you’ll have more fun? Not many. And that’s the sad lesson that the Gill-Man has to learn. Nice guys always finish last.

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