About Sex, But Not – ‘Class Of Nuke Em High’ (1986)

12 Nov

ON THE SURFACE – Warren and Chrissy, two students at Tromaville High School, deal with the side effects of smoking radioactive weed.

SCRAPING THE BARREL – Warren and Chrissy, two students at Tromaville High School, deal with the consequences of having unprotected, first-time sex. There was a reason why the pair were so apprehensive before bonking each other for the first time and the reason was that deep down, they both knew that if they did, something bad would happen… So after having amazing, but unprotected, sex at a party, Chrissy and Warren return home to mixed feelings of jubilation and anxiety. He thinks he’s top guy (watch that penis grow ridiculously huge) and she’s still writhing in orgasmic ecstasy until she starts worrying that she might be pregnant (well, hello there baby bump!) and he starts wondering if his uber-masculine, fun times at College will be cut short due to potential parenting (watch him grow lactating breasts, an emblem of pregnancy). She starts feeling faint and sick (all that radioactive vomiting) and he starts beating up anyone who decides to poke fun at his predicament (his super-strength alley attack on the Cretins). Eventually the issue of the baby becomes far too big for each other them and their relationship to handle (see that mutant baby grow in one big problem) and they wind up getting having the surgical answer, an abortion (death by laser). And so Troma makes a point on reminding us of one fact that people like to bullshit about sometimes… You can get pregnant during your first time.

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