Arne Mattsson’s ‘Ann and Eve’ (1970)

26 Nov

Duped into watching this by believing there was a lot more to it than there actually was, Swedish flick Ann and Eve is less your standard softcore romp and more a boring, somewhat bizarre narrative that includes the odd bit of bonking and a satirical comment on film journalism.

Marie Liljedahl is Eve, young and soon to be married. Before she marries her childhood sweetheart, she accompanies Ann (Gio Petre), a bitchy lesbian journalist, on a holiday to Greece where she is encouraged and persuaded to have an affair. And, after much protest, she eventually gives in, bedding a large number of men and women in disappointing off camera scenes or highly stylised out of focus shots (as in literally not seeing anything). Add to that disjointed scenes with a Greek singer which feel completely out-of-place, a confusing did she/didn’t she murder plot and a weak attempt at a scathing jab at the role of film critics in the filmmaking world and you have one extremely dull movie.

Worth giving a miss and seeking out another Liljedahl vehicle Eugenie… The Story of her Journey into Perversion instead.

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