Geek To Geek Chic – ‘Chasing Ghosts: Beyond The Arcade’ (2007)

7 Jan

In 1982, Life magazine went to Ottumwa, Iowa, the gaming capital of the world, to photograph a group of young gamers. The photograph, part of a spread which was meant to capture the various moods and themes of Western culture, featured those with, at the time, the highest scores in arcade gaming. At that moment in time, the group were recognised as the video game champions of the world. In 2007, director Lincoln Ruchti used the portrait as a basis to catch up on those who were involved, developing the interesting documentary Chasing Ghosts: Beyond The Arcade.


Back then, being hailed world champions in their field by such a renowned publication led to local and national interest and popularity. Twenty three years later we pick up where photographer Enrico Ferorelli signed off, catching up with nine of the original sixteen as they share their initial childhood/teenage experiences and dreams and how they all changed when the arcade scene began, through to its eventrual demise.

gaming 2

Full of nostalgia, hope and the cruel realities (and differences) or changing landscapes (puberty to adulthood, local to national fame, arcade gaming to home console gaming), Chasing Ghosts will not only appeal to gamers, geeks and fanatics but also those who truly loved something when they were younger and never let go of the passion for it.

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