About Sex, But Not – ‘Astro Duck’ Count Duckula episode 47 (1990)

9 Feb

ON THE SURFACE – Count Duckula gets a new computer but finds it very testing when it becomes self-aware.

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SCRAPING THE BARREL – Count Duckula gets a new girlfriend but finds her very testing when she becomes sexually aroused. Everyone has had that first girlfriend (or boyfriend or playful crush) where the other person turns out to be more than a bit naughty right? Well, poor Count Duckula meets his match in his new lady (his new computer) who always wants to play fun sex games where Duckula wants to play generic electronic computer games. So when his girlfriend decides to go all ‘good-girl-gone-bad’ (the computer getting zapped by lightning), Duckula has no choice but to play along, with each game slowly becoming increasingly naughtier (hacking traffic light computer system, then a bank and then a military space programme); ‘That lightning certainly gave my memory bank a jolt… I have functions far beyond my normal capabilities.’.  It doesn’t help that little, naive Duckula considers each game his girlfriend wants to play to be ‘kids stuff’, only encouraging her to keep going (‘Lets have some real fun… You’re not enjoying this?’) until she becomes a quivering orgasmic mess (computer literally having a meltdown) and he’s panicking because he thinks he’s done something wrong (Duckula panicking because he’s in trouble with the army… at his computers expense…). Finally, when all is sorted out and our Count thinks he’s safe, his girlfriend wakes up again and it’s time to start a new game (Duckula’s computer surprising him by rebooting itself and turning on again)! Because remember boys, us girls can keep going and going and going and going and going and going and going and going…

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