MEYER MONTH – Eve Meyer Pictorial

4 Mar

There is no denying that Russ Meyer and his second wife Eve made a terrific team. Both knew how to work with each other, both understood their market and both always got the results they wanted. It was their first partnership however that would prove to be the most electric. Eve was a beautiful 50s pin-up, Meyer a talented cheesecake photographer. His pictures of her are the ones that stand out the most amongst his photographic career. It didn’t matter what angle Eve was in, what position, what lighting hit her, in each still Mr. Meyer took, nothing had ever looked more breathtaking. That isn’t to say that Eve was the only model Russ photographed, he continued to snap various models right up until he death, but none of these pictures have the charm, beauty or vitality that the ones of his wife produced. The following photographs are as accurately attributed to Russ Meyer as I could make them but verification in both books and on the internet is tricky. Some of these Russ took and some of these were probably taken by someone else but you get the idea. They just don’t make women like this anymore…

eve 18

eve 17

eve 16

eve 15

eve 14

eve 1

eve 2

eve 3

eve 4

eve 5

eve 6

eve 8

eve 9

eve 10

eve 11

eve 12

eve 13

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