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Geek To Geek Chic – Happy Friday the 13th!!

13 Sep

I love Friday’s where the thirteenth day of the month falls on them! Am I superstitious? Not really. I just love the slasher franchise Friday The 13th! Last year I spent one Friday the thirteenth in my favourite cinema watching a marathon of films featuring the iconic killer Jason Voorhees. It was a lot of fun, but ultimately left me with little will to live by the early hours where I was struggling with the latter films which, lets face it, aren’t that great. Knowing a lot of people like cake, this year I thought I’d do something different! So here are a few of the best Friday The 13th themed cakes I could find online! If any of these are one of your cakes let me know so I can give credit!

cake 3

cake 8

cake 4

cake 1

cake 2

cake 5

cake 7

cake 6

‘The Returned’ aka ‘They Came Back’ (2004) review

2 Aug

My review for French zombie drama The Returned is now up over at Cigarette Burns! I really can’t recommend this film enough  by the way, if you can check it out (either before you watch the television series or since, it’s not disappointing) you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

‘The Car’ (1977) review

1 Aug


My review of 1977 cult classic The Car is now up over at Cigarette Burns! Go read!

‘Spider Baby’ (1964) review

3 Jul

My review for the Blu-ray release of Jack Hill’s Spider Baby is now up over at Cigarette Burns!

‘The Echo’ (2008) review

19 Jun

My review for the film The Echo is now up online over at Screenjabber.

‘The Wrong House’ (2013) review

10 Jun

My review for The Wrong House aka House Hunting is now up over at Screenjabber.

Ashtray Dirt at Cigarette Burns

5 Jun

This week’s mini news round-up Ashtray Dirt is up over at Cigarette Burns, including stuff on Friday The 13th and the Insidious sequel!