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Geek To Geek Chic – Wedding Cake Belles

30 Jul

Lets get two things clear. One, I love cake. Two, I’m not getting married. No, as it turns out, my team at work is currently all over weddings. One’s just got married, one is getting married and one has a daughter who is about to be married, and when talk of one wedding starts, it spreads to the whole team. Which eventually leads us to cake. Not only is cake generally amazing, but one of the best things about a wedding. And being the youngest at work, I often get asked what I’d do if I got married (which is apparently a very interesting and hilarious topic going by the responses I get from my colleagues…). So when me and my co-worker got talking about what cakes we’d love to have (turns out she’d have a Star Trek one too), I eventually wound up looking at geeky cakes again. So here are some beautiful cakes I found, enjoy folks! Oh and if any of these are your creations, please let me know so I can give credit and tag you.






























And finally this amazingly beautiful Gustav Kilmt cake!


Geek To Geek Chic – Be My Valentine?

6 Feb

Valentines day is slowly creeping around the corner and whilst I don’t usually bother with the commercial holiday, I couldn’t help but find some cute geeky card ideas that put a smile on my face. So I hope one of these puts a smile on yours whether you have a Valentine this year or not!

blog 4

card 10

card 3

card 1

blog 1

blog 1

blog 1

card 5

blog 3

card 13

card 9

card 2

card 4

card 11

card 12

blog 2

card 15

card 8

card 14

Geek To Geek Chic – Carving Creativity Onto Pumpkins

8 Oct

With Halloween only a few weeks away, I thought it would be nice to pay homage to the fun activity that is Pumpkin Carving. Everyone has to have carved a badly executed scary face into a vegetable (or is it a fruit?) at least once in their life. Whether it be something that keeps the kids entertained for a little while or turns into a competitive competition between friends, here are a few ideas to get you started. So grab some pumpkins, a few tea lights, the odd sharp instrument and prepare to get creative and messy…

Geek To Geek Chic – Welcome To My Candy Shop

1 Sep

Yesterday my friend sent me a txt with a link to a Russian advertising company who had come up with an idea for horror themed ice lollies. Now, the kid in me absolutely loves the idea! Who wouldn’t want to walk down the street sucking on Freddy Krueger in sizzling hot weather?! Whilst the flavours don’t sound exactly brilliant (apparently they’re still in development stages so who knows where it’ll go…), the product idea got me thinking about some of the film themed candy I’d occasionally eaten as a child. So here is another very picture heavy post on the type of sweet treats Lydia would stock in her very own candy shop. I’m sure there’s something for everyone! And hey, maybe you’ve tried one or two of them before in the past…

Freddy Krueger bubble gum

Minnie Mouse candy apples

Marvel Superhero candy sticks. I used to love candy sticks as a kid, the one type of sweet that seems to be endorsed by all cartoons, comics, films and television shows!

Now these are sweets I woud have killed to have had as a child. Jurassic Park has been one of my favourite films since I was four and I don’t remember anything like this being out in the shops, I’m guessing they were American? Either way, the four year old me is extremely jealous of anyone who had them!

This is kind of cute, some rip-off Freddy Krueger inspired bubble gum in the shape of a VHS tape!

I also find these absolutely adorable, too cute to eat!

I do actually own some of these, still wax-sealed and unopened from 1980 with the gum stick still intact. Would never open them now but they’re sweet little items to add to a collection.

Geek To Geek Chic – Geek Beach Chic!

20 Aug

If, like me, you were enjoying the sunshine over the UK last weekend and were in an outfit that wasn’t exactly cool, then you might just like these items of swimwear I found online. Stupidly hot and wishing I was wearing a lot less, I realised that if I’m this hot here, I’m going to be really hot when I go on holiday in October and it’s about time I updated my poolside wardrobe. There’s not a lot of geeky/film inspired bikini’s or swimsuits out there but have a search and you’ll find a few… So start spending (even if it’s for next year!), get your beach look sorted and top it off with some matching nail art on your fingers and toes!

Batman bikini set from aimerfeel

Tetris swimsuit by Black Milk

Domo bikini top from Spencers Online

Batman string bikini from Superhero Stuff

C3P0 swimsuit by Black Milk

Evil Dead bikini by Iron Fist

Wonder Woman monokini from Superhero Stuff

NES inspired bikini

Pac-Man swimsuit by Black Milk

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles bikini top from Spencers Online

Artoo swimsuit by Black Milk

Captain America inspired Big Star swimsuit by Splish

Gameboy swimsuit by Black Milk

Supergirl string bikini from Superhero Stuff

Atari Falcon 030 swimsuit

Zombie Chomper bikini by Iron Fist

Geek to Geek Chic – Nails To Hammer Home

12 Jul

Occasionally, I like to spend hours online searching out cool stuff that makes my heart swell up with happiness. A few months back, it was looking at some of the most amazing, geeky cakes I had ever seen. This month, it’s been some pretty damn cool nail art. Now, once in a while I like to make my nails look pretty but some of these are really taking it to the next level. So sit back and let these pictures inspire you to do something pretty with your fingertips tonight. Credit has been given where I’ve found it but if you see one of your designs on here and it’s not credited to yourself, drop me an email and I’ll include it!

Nightmare On Elm Street/Freddy Krueger by Sonoma Nail Art (she is particularly talented, her website is a must visit, she’s done a tonne of cool ideas!)

Street Fighter nails

Domo nails

comic-strip inspired Batman


black and white Universal Monsters

horror movie icons

Sailor Scout nails by fromchaoscomesbeauty

Twin Peaks nails by Nevor Purify

My Neighbour Totoro

Wonder Woman nails by Diava’s Lacquer Box

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Disney’s Up

The Little Mermaid

Beauty and The Beast

Indiana Jones nails

Scott Pilgrim by The Nailasaurus

Pokeball nails

Star Wars nails

(500) Days of Summer by The Nailasaurus

Creature From The Black Lagoon by Sonoma Nail Art

Jaws 2

Toy Story


Kill Bill by Nailitist

Marvel Heroes by Omnails

Star Trek

Dazed and Confused (a personal favourite of mine, if anyone would like to paint this on my nails for my birthday I can promise you I’ll love you forever)

Harry Potter

Geek to Geek Chic – Let There Be Cake!

7 Apr

I have made no secret of the fact that I bloody love cake. Cream cakes, sponge cake, birthday cake, iced cake, cupcakes, cake – I love it (but not ginger cake, carrot cake or fruit cake). So this Easter I thought ‘What’s better than chocolate?’. The answer, chocolate cake. Inspired by some incredibly delicious WWE themed cupcakes that a friend of mine made for my boyfriend’s recent birthday, I decided to search the internet for the cakes that pleased my inner geek. And boy, did I find some impressive spectacles. I warn you, this post is another that’s very heavy on the pictures but they are all well worth the waiting time to load. Have credited where I can but if you spot your cake on here and it’s not credited, tell me and I’ll add it in! Ladies and gents, I present a few of the geekiest cakes I could find. If you know of any others, leave a link in the comments box below!

Watchmen cupcakes by Sweet Lizzy’s Cupcakes

Avengers birthday cake

Corpse Bride wedding cake

Friday 13th birthday cake by Your Happy Baker

Pokemon cupcakes by Polkadots

Star Wars Millennium Falcon birthday cake

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles birthday cake

Jurassic Park cake by CMNY cakes

Sailor Moon cupcakes by The Sweet Treat Leap

Alien inspired wedding cake

Sonic birthday cake

Evil Dead inspired cake by Karen Zinna

Star Wars Max Rebo birthday cake

Twin Peaks cupcakes

Where The Wild Things Are wedding cake

Cheetara birthday cake

Back To The Future cake

Death Proof cupcakes by Clares Cupcakes

A Nightmare Before Christmas wedding cake

Little Shop of Horrors cupcakes by Shane Russell

Star Wars ATAT cake

Alien themed cake

Ghostbusters wedding cake by Charm City Cakes

Indiana Jones golden idol cake

Friday 13th cupcakes by Alicia Zak

A Nightmare on Elm Street cake

Ramona Flowers bag cake by jennyvier

Star Trek Borg cupcakes

Kill Bill birthday cake by Cake Rhapsody

Frankenstein and his Bride wedding cake, complete with angry mobsters!

WallE birthday cake

Thundercats cupcakes by The Baking Bird

Buffy the Vampire Slayer cake by Cake Nouveau

Evil Dead cake

Scott Pilgrim cupcakes by sweetheartcupcake

Venom cake

King Kong inspired cake by Rosebud Cakes

Sailor Moon/Tuxedo Mask cake

Vintage comic book cakes by Charm City Cakes

A Nightmare Before Christmas wedding cake by Pink Cake Box

Optimus Prime cake

Watchmen cupcakes