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Top 5 Scott Pilgrim Comic Nods In ‘Scott Pilgrim VS The World’

9 Jun

scott pilgrim 1

This is one of my personal favourites. A copy of Now magazine that has The Clash At Demonhead on its cover is glimpsed during the film. The cover (top left corner in the picture above) is a posed copy of the back cover to book two, Scott Pilgrim Vs The World. The only difference? Envy’s hair colour (red in the book, blonde in the film)!

scott pilgrim 2

When you’re adapting a book into a film, there will always be aspects of it missing because you simply can’t fit everything on the screen. The same goes for a book series, but director Edgar Wright still managed to keep a few minor characters in his film that otherwise would have probably been left on the cutting room floor. The most significant are Sandra and Monique (above), friends and housemates of Julie Powers who appear in the book most of the time at parties, gigs and, well, with Julie. Wright kept them in, including them in the party at the beginning of the film and kept their look very similar to their design in the book. Two other female characters that get the name drop treatment are Hollie and Lisa. In the film their names are thrown back in Scott’s face by Julie as girls he’s messed around with in the past. In the book, Hollie is Kim Pine’s co-worker and housemate and Lisa is an old school friend and band member of Scott’s and Kim’s who makes a significant appearance in the second half of the book series.

envy 2

In book two, Scott receives a phone call from Envy, his ex-girlfriend who he hadn’t quite gotten over yet. Interspaced between panels showing them talking ‘now’ were photobooth photographs of them taken when they were a happy couple. These were recreated (above) and glimpsed in the film.


Ramona’s second evil-ex Lucas Lee is a pro-skateboarder turned actor, whose films Scott and his roommate Wallace rent from the video store so they can learn how Scott can defeat him. Wright made up some fake film posters and bus adverts for the film using some of the titles of Lee’s films that are mentioned in the book. Chris Evans was the perfect choice to play Lee and played him brilliantly, which makes part of me really want to see these films get made for real in some Scott Pilgrim universe spin-off.


There are a lot of cool t-shirts worn in the entire Scott Pilgrim book series, some of which were the real deal. Some of these came back for the film (the Smashing Pumpkins heart tee, the Plumtree one) and those that were designed by author O’Malley were re-created for the film. Seems like the fans like them so much that copies of lots of them are now available from various sites. If you’re after one, this website lists every t-shirt worn in the film…


Personally, the one thing missing from Scott Pilgrim Vs The World was Ramona’s cat Gideon. Yes, it’s just a cat, but it’s Ramona’s cat and at one point in the book series his existence provides Scott with the closet tangible thing he has to her. But he does make an appearance! In one of the books, Scott wears a t-shirt with the above picture on it, which makes its way onto a mug that Michael Cera drinks out of at the start of the feature.

Geek To Geek Chic – 10 (but actually 56) Pop Culture References in Scott Pilgrim

11 Apr

The Scott Pilgrim series are one of, if not the, most favourite series of graphic novels of mine (Akira and Watchmen coming in a close second place) and I can’t believe that next year will mark ten years since the first instalment, Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life, was released. The series still captivates me, even now after reading it so many times. What is it, for me, that makes it so brilliant? That’s a hard one to answer but in a nutshell, and without spewing thousands of words on it, its pretty much that I’ve lived it, probably like so many other readers. I’ve had the giant ex that looms over a relationship, been in bands, pulled an Envy Adams-esque stunt, done the brothers thing, had an epically faithful cat, had gaming birthday parties, can name an equivalent of every character in the book in people that I know… I could, but won’t, go on. The main thing that strikes a chord the most is the number of pop culture references and the ease with which the characters use them to describe situations and feelings. Something that my friends and I have done for years, again probably like so many of you. So, in anticipation of its tenth birthday, here is a small run down of some of the pop culture references that feature in the graphic novel series. In no order of preference…

Film Title: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

1) X-MEN
Scott has an X patch on his iconic Parker as an homage to the comic and television series, something which he has to explain to Ramona on one of their first dates. Later in book five, Scott Pilgrim Vs The Universe, Scott is seen trying to explain to Ramona the storyline in the Uncanny X-Men comic series which culminates in issue #251 in a moment where Wolverine is crucified on an X. Not that Ramona seems that interested…

scott pilgrim 2

Scott’s band, with Stephen Stills on guitar and Kim Pine on drums, is a clear reference to the explosive bomb enemies from the Mario game series and it’s not the only band in the series to have a gaming-inspired name. Scott’s High School band with Kim and their friend Lisa Miller was called Sonic and Knuckles,  his University band with Stephen and Envy Adams was named Kid Chameleon and Envy’s hipster major label group were called The Clash At Demonhead. The group’s drum logo is even a reference to the game; the symbol being a stylized ‘NO’ that appears whenever you shoot a friendly character. The band’s drummer Lynette Guycott is also named after the games skeleton boss Tom Guycott. Even local rival band Crash and The Boys were named after a game and Scott’s name suggestion, Shatterband, for Stephen Stills new group is an homage to game Shatterhand. Not that the Mario references stop with the band name. When Ramona asks Scott if they are an ‘item’, Scott’s brain response is to list items from the Mario games and when Ramona informs him about her subspace highway, the only example he can think of are the secret highways from the game series. At one point Scott is seen wearing a tanooki suit from Super Mario Bros 3.

scott pilgrim 3

When Scott was in High School and in order to win the heart of a teenage Kim Pine, he had to defeat a whole school of bullies and the ‘boss’ (Kim’s then boyfriend) in a scene that played homage to side-scroller game River City Ransom. Scott’s enemies also explode into coins, much like in RCR and a load of other games. When Scott tries to remember the names of the Katayanagi twins in book five, he calls them Andy and Randy Katamari instead. Andy and Randy at the names of the ‘infamous Dragon Twins’ who turn up towards the end of River City Ransom.

scott pilgrim 4

During Scott’s first battle with Ramona’s first ex Matthew Patel, Scott pulls a Street Fighter reversal whilst also hitting Patel with a SF special attack Dragon Punch. Patel’s ability to levitate and throw fireballs is also similar to SF character Dhalism. The layout at the start of Scott’s fight with Todd Ingram in Scott Pilgrim & The Infinite Sadness is reminiscent of the beginning of each fight on the Street Fighter game.

scott pilgrim 6

O’Malley’s title pages sometimes spoof game title pages with the characters from Scott Pilgrim filling in where fit. Scott Pilgrim VS The World riffed off Bonks Adventure, Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together see’s Ramona and Scott take on Sonic The Hedgehog and Scott Pilgrim Vs The Universe referenced the game Double Dragon III. The Katayanagi Twins hurricane kick attack is also a direct attack lift from DDIII. Second book Scott Pilgrim VS The World also shares its title with The Simpsons SNES game Bart Vs The World. Whilst not a title page, book four see’s a double spread during the fight between Scott and Roxy Ritcher that directly copies the opening of NES game Ninja Gaiden. Even the midair strike between the pair is a direct panel lift.

scott pilgrim 9

Scott teaches himself the bassline to Final Fantasy 2 to show off to his band mates, not that any of them seem interested. Similarly, Ramona doesn’t seem all that interested when Scott quotes As Long As You Love Me by the Backstreet Boys to her to explain his love in Scott Pilgrim VS The Universe. One of Sex Bob-Ombs songs is called Launchpad McQuack, named after a character from the Ducktales television series and SNES game. The Smashing Pumpkins also get their fair share of references. Not only does Scott wear their iconic SP t-shirt during the book, he dons their zero t-shirt. The title of the third book is a direct homage to their album Mellon Collie & The Infinite Sadness, whilst chapter sixteen in the series is titled Frail and Bedazzled after one of their songs. The main stage at The Chaos Theater in the final book Scott’s Finest Hour is a reference to Daft Punk’s pyramid stage. Scott is named after a song by the band Plumtree, Stephen is named after musician Stephen Arthur Stills and Young Neil is named after… Neil Young.

scott pilgrm 8

Scott utters Parappa’s immortal line ‘I gotta believe!’ to himself during a realisation and he’s not the only one to speak lines from games in conversation. When Knives Chau grazes Ramona’s face she responds with the line ‘You fight like a cow’, a line from the Monkey Island series of games. Scott also shouts another Monkey Island line at roommate Wallace Wells to try to insult him; ‘I am rubber, you are glue!’.

scott pilgrim 5

Scott’s younger sister Stacey is rated ‘T for Teen’ in her introduction, one of the ratings established by the ESRB. When Scott defeats Ramona fourth ex Roxy, she explodes into cute fluffy animals like Dr Robotnik from Sonic The Hedgehog. Envy Adams is referred to as ‘she who will not be named’, a direct reference to Harry Potter villain Voldemort. Evil ex number two Lucas Lee is a skateboarder and his moves and their layout in the book are modelled on the Tony Hawk videogame series. So much so that Scott wants to train to defeat Lucas by playing the game itself. His name is even a direct reference to Jason Lee, a pro-skateboarder turned actor, like… Lucas Lee. Scott wishes he could morph into a ball and roll around instead of having to get up in a direct reference to the ability from the game Metroid. Much to everyone’s surprise, Scott gives Ramona the nickname ‘Rammy’, who just happens to be a character from the game Um Jammer Lammy. Clash At Demonhead drummer Lynette has a bionic arm that directly riffs off the game Bionic Commando. Scott’s attempts to get Ramona’s cat Gideon to come back is a direct reference to Breakfast At Tiffanys, just as his name of Gideon is a reference to the cat with the same name in Pinocchio. In book one, Ramona wears shoes that are an exact copy of those worn by Mr. Silly in Mr. Men.


Scott has to face a doppelgänger of himself, Nega Scott, much like the character of Dark Link, a double of main character Link, in The Legend of Zelda. Final ex Gideon Gordon Graves wears a t-shirt that resembles the inverted Triforce logo from the game The Legend of Zelda. Scott has a dream in which he aimlessly wonders around a forest looking for a cheat code which is a direct reference to the maze-like forests of the game.


Ramona’s third ex Todd Ingram is related to Tetsuo, the main character from epic manga Akira numerous times. Like Tetsuo, Todd was taken to a lab in his teens for testing and returns home with bandages wrapped around his head. During his fight with Scott in Honest Ed’s, Todd screams the line ‘Its my brain! What have you done?!’, a quote from Tetsuo. In a ‘display’ of his love for Ramona, Todd punches a hole in the moon, and then does the same for Envy when they are together. This is a direct reference to the two holes in the moon that Tetsuo punches on behalf of Akira to show his followers his powers. Ramona takes it further by stating that after Todd punched the moon the first time, about fifty pages of tidal waves and explosions happened, which is exactly what happens in the manga.

MEYER MONTH – Top Ten Meyer Homages V.2

2 Mar

Whilst Gagaliscious’s video owes more to women in prison films than the sexploitation genre per se, there’s no denying the visual influence of Tura Satana’s Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! character Varla on Beyonce’s attitude and costume design.

blog 1

Putting all other references aside, director Edgar Wright includes one nice little reference to Meyer’s Beyond the Valley of the Dolls in his 2010 feature. When Lucas Lee (Chris Evans) cracks his neck we hear the musical signature of Universal Pictures, the studio that made his picture, just like when Z-Man beheads Lance Rock and we hear the Fox Studio fanfare, the studio that made Meyer’s first studio release.

This cool little song not only visually pays respect to Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! but lyrically too.

rocky horror

Not quite an homage but Rocky Horror shares a very similar dinner table scene to Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! Both scenes include a dimwitted muscular blonde who continues to eat meat at an awkward dinner  party after a revelation has disturbed all else at the table.

blog 1

The recent episode of this popular television show includes the manager of a band who looks a lot like Z-Man, the manager of the girl band The Carrie Nations, in Beyond the Valley of the Dolls.

#5 – FROM DUSK TIL DAWN (1996)
So vampires never appeared in a Russ Meyer film but From Dusk til Dawn features a similar bar, stripper and ensuing madness to the one shown in Up!

Norah Jones Mudhoney

In a visual homage to the poster for Mudhoney, the album cover for Norah Jones’ Little Broken Hearts is almost a replica.

Girls with big boobs and lots of cleavage? Check. Power tools that clearly stand in for sex? Check. Monotonous narration full of double entendre? Check. It’s as if Russ Meyer took his core elements of Mondo Topless and made a music video.

#2 – WHITE OF THE EYE (1987)
White of  the Eye shares a fair amount with Supervixens. Aside from the beautiful lush locations of both, you have a girl unknowingly bedding a serial killer, a serial killer targeting women, an attempt to kill someone at the top of a rocky area and lovers being chased in an attempt to murder them.

The music video for Your Mama Was A Grifter by Star and Dagger has Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! written all over it. Three girls, sound waves at the start of the video, black and white photography, a Go-Go bar location, near identical costumes, a fast car, a ride out in the desert, a desert ranch… You do the maths.

Geek To Geek Chic – Be My Valentine?

6 Feb

Valentines day is slowly creeping around the corner and whilst I don’t usually bother with the commercial holiday, I couldn’t help but find some cute geeky card ideas that put a smile on my face. So I hope one of these puts a smile on yours whether you have a Valentine this year or not!

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card 10

card 3

card 1

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card 5

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card 13

card 9

card 2

card 4

card 11

card 12

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card 15

card 8

card 14

Geek To Geek Chic – Carving Creativity Onto Pumpkins

8 Oct

With Halloween only a few weeks away, I thought it would be nice to pay homage to the fun activity that is Pumpkin Carving. Everyone has to have carved a badly executed scary face into a vegetable (or is it a fruit?) at least once in their life. Whether it be something that keeps the kids entertained for a little while or turns into a competitive competition between friends, here are a few ideas to get you started. So grab some pumpkins, a few tea lights, the odd sharp instrument and prepare to get creative and messy…

Geek To Geek Chic – Film Inkorporated

12 Aug

My latest dilemma happens to be one of my most vain; trying to sort out my next tattoo. Now, I know they’re not everyone’s cup of tea but I have been a lover of body ink since I were a child, much to the dismay of my father… I’m always looking at other people’s, admiring the artwork of the tattooist (when it’s a good obviously) and being intrigued as to the story’s or reason behind people’s choices. I have always known I was going to get one, it has been an inevitability that I, Lydia, would one day turn up at home and go ‘Hey Ma, look what I got!’. And I have, five times so far. To varying reactions.

So my recent problem, if you can call it, has been planning number six. Question number one, where to put it? The older I get, the more I start thinking about this one more seriously. I have always wanted sleeves, I haven’t got there yet but know that some people like to attach a slight amount of stigma to arm tattoos on show in the workplace. So that’s arms out of the equation for now. I’d always thought about my feet, until it hit me that Quentin Tarantino may not like tattooed feet and if I ever wanted my dream of a foot rub from him to come true, my best bet would be to leave them clear. So that’s no feet. Ever. Wrists, calves, thighs, back of my neck? Maybe. My back? Potentially. Although that’s another dilemma in itself. I think my back is kinda sexy (hey, we all need to have something we like about ourselves right?!) but there’s also this huge, beautiful tattoo of a frigate ship that I’ve wanted since I was eighteen that would fit perfectly in the centre of my back above two swallows I already have (what can I say, I love nautical tattoos…). But enough of that problem, unlike some women, I can’t multi task. Then there’s the issue of symmetry. Right now, everything is sort of symmetrical and my ex always used to moan that I should keep it that way because it looked nice. Then again, he was a lying cheat. Fuck symmetry (and for that matter people who take pride in telling others that ink makes them look ugly, everyone is different and beautiful in their own way, okay).

Putting the location aside, the next thing has been what the hell to get! When I was a teen, I’d always pictured myself with tonnes of film and music tattoos, Tim Burton iconography mixed together with artwork from Rancid and Deftones album covers. Luckily for me, times really do change. I still love Rancid as a band, did get Deftones album artwork tattooed a few years ago and, praise the Lord, the idea I had for a Nightmare Before Christmas sleeve has firmly been washed down the drain (I blush with embarrassment still thinking about it). Eventually film overtook my love for music, and film related tattoos have always been something I’d thought about, a way to celebrate and show my love for the medium. But how? Being a huge sexploitation and Russ Meyer fan I’ve often thought about getting a beautiful pin-up done but, sometimes, they don’t always come out looking beautiful if you know what I mean… Which is why I went and got Stuntman Mike’s car logo from Death Proof tattooed on my ankle instead. As a fan of slasher films (which the film essentially is), Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! (which Death Proof homages the shit out of) and skull and crossbones, it was the best fit.

Which got me thinking, why don’t I just turn my right calf (over time) into a horror leg of sorts. Not only would it provides hours of entertainment in watching my father groan about how disgusting it is (the Death Proof tattoo went down very well…) but would really encompass everything I’d always loved about tattoos; beauty, personality, individuality and artwork. Which is why I’m now getting a gorgeous, bleeding zombie forearm inked on the other side of my ankle. The fact that it was designed by legendary film poster artist Graham Humphreys, someone we know, for a film that involves other people we know, just makes it that little bit more personal. Excited doesn’t even begin to describe it. And who knows where I’ll go from there. I’ve always wanted a Creature from the Black Lagoon pin-up and the odd panel or so from the Scott Pilgrim books… One thing I know for sure is this, Jack Skellington ain’t setting a single bone near my skin.

Geek to Geek Chic – Nails To Hammer Home

12 Jul

Occasionally, I like to spend hours online searching out cool stuff that makes my heart swell up with happiness. A few months back, it was looking at some of the most amazing, geeky cakes I had ever seen. This month, it’s been some pretty damn cool nail art. Now, once in a while I like to make my nails look pretty but some of these are really taking it to the next level. So sit back and let these pictures inspire you to do something pretty with your fingertips tonight. Credit has been given where I’ve found it but if you see one of your designs on here and it’s not credited to yourself, drop me an email and I’ll include it!

Nightmare On Elm Street/Freddy Krueger by Sonoma Nail Art (she is particularly talented, her website is a must visit, she’s done a tonne of cool ideas!)

Street Fighter nails

Domo nails

comic-strip inspired Batman


black and white Universal Monsters

horror movie icons

Sailor Scout nails by fromchaoscomesbeauty

Twin Peaks nails by Nevor Purify

My Neighbour Totoro

Wonder Woman nails by Diava’s Lacquer Box

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Disney’s Up

The Little Mermaid

Beauty and The Beast

Indiana Jones nails

Scott Pilgrim by The Nailasaurus

Pokeball nails

Star Wars nails

(500) Days of Summer by The Nailasaurus

Creature From The Black Lagoon by Sonoma Nail Art

Jaws 2

Toy Story


Kill Bill by Nailitist

Marvel Heroes by Omnails

Star Trek

Dazed and Confused (a personal favourite of mine, if anyone would like to paint this on my nails for my birthday I can promise you I’ll love you forever)

Harry Potter